Sayulita Life – Meet me in Paradise

A lookbook… my trip to Sayulita 2015

To love beauty, is to see light.

We live in such busy lives, we forget to free our hearts from worries and to focus on the joys rather than the problems.

That feeling I get when I travel… that non-stop feeling of adrenaline and happiness is the way I should feel my entire life.

Kisses – IZ

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Tic toc🙈🕟🕔🕐

Sorry that I haven’t updated my challenge , but I had some inconvenients and I wanted to post with sequence … Soon I will post all the missing pics, pinky promise.

Here are some pics otw

Outfit to my sister’s birthday lunch


Most delicious bread, I swear.




Catalina is back from boarding school.


Quote of the day: 

I’m not afraid of tomorrow because I know God is already there.🙏✨




The past Sunday, Val and I agreed to go out because we had been having an urge to go to the beach and just never did. When we were on our way , looking out the window I was simply amazed because I saw a huuuge land covered in Palm trees. And you know I have an obsession with them so I told her I really wanted to go, she kinda ignored me, but a few seconds later we saw a very small path that lead nowhere, So we did. Started driving without knowing where we were going, we just didn’t seem to find the end so we stopped at one point and parked for a little. Played some music and took some pics✌️📷 

Considering how much I love palm trees… It was paradise. Then, we went to a beach we saw a few weeks ago that we’ve been wanting to go. It’s kind of isolated from the popular beaches we usually go to. But beautiful. I loved the spot. And it has a little coconut stand with very kind and warm people, so that’s an amazing plus . Great Day.



El domingo pasado, Val y  yo acordamos en ir a la playa porque tenemos mucho tiempo queriendo ir a la playa y simplemente no lo hacemos. Estabamos en camino , viendo por la ventana me sorprendí porque ví un terreno enooorme repleto de palmeras , y como tengo una obsesión con ellas, le dije que quería ir, Poco despues vimos que había un caminito no muy definido que pasaba por la mini jungla. Comenzamos a manejar sin saber a donde nos llevaba, despues de un rato decidimos parar porque no se veía como que el final del camino estuviera cerca. Nos bajamos, pusimos música y tomamos unas pics✌️📷.

Considerando lo mucho que me gustan las palmeras…era un paraíso. Después nos fuimos a una playa que vimos hace unas cuantas semanas y habíamos querido visitar. Esta un poco lejos de las playas comunes pero esta hermoso el spot. Y descubrimos que hay un puesto de cocos con personas super amables y lindas , lo cual es un buen plus. Buen Día.



Quote of the day

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

-Oscar Wilde

Music OTD // You Haunt Me (Salda Remix) Sir Sly 

Back to nature. 👉👉🐴🌿🌾


We went to a little farm ish for school, and got the opportunity to ride horses, so there we are. Also, the white one is pregnant💕.

Fuimos a un rancho por la escuela y tuvimos la oportunidad de montar caballos, asi que aqui estamos. Y la blanca, esta embarazada💕.

Quote of the day 

We cannot start over, but we can begin now, and start a new ending.

-Zig Ziglar

#SpringBreak – Day 4 – Sunset Chilling🌅✌️

Day 4 ✌️




Day 4. I  l o v e d  this day,so much I tried to capture every moment.

In the morning me , my sisters and her friends grabbed some breakfast to get energy for the day, (where I saw that adorable old couple) Then I headed to Pato Blanco where Jim was waiting for me .. We tried to get a tan, and I say tried because it was hot like hell!!🔥 It felt like we were melting. After that we got together with Val, she picked us up … And of course we were jeeping like in a teenage music video,loud music and us sitting in the backside of the jeep singing and dancing. We drove and stablished at Cerritos Beach , chilled with the beautiful sunset , took some pics, recorded some videos to remember the moment . Finally, we went to Val’s house, ordered some pizza and chat, about everything, with an amazing view. GREAT DAY.☺️❤️ One of my favorites.



Día 4.

En la mañana mis hermanas, sus amigas y yo fuimos a disfrutar un desayuno, y agarrar energía para todo el día( ahí vi a esa pareja de viejitos adorable) Después me fui directo a Pato Blanco donde me estaba esperando Jim. Intentamos broncearnos … Y digo intentamos porque el sol estaba cañon, nos moríamos de calor y sentíamos que nos estabamos derritiendo. Luego, nos juntamos con Val, pasó por nosotras y claaaro que jeepeamos, como si estuvieramos grabando un video, teníamos la música a todo volumen y sentados en la parte trasera ibamos bailando y cantando. Llegamos a la playa Cerritos pasamos el rato, tomamos fotos y videos para recordar el momento y disfrutamos el atardecer que se veía hermoso. Finalmente nos fuimos a casa de Val , pedimos pizza y platicamos todos con una vista espectacular. BUEN DÍA☺️❤️ uno de mis favoritos.


Quote of the day

To live will be an awfully big adventure – Peter Pan

#SpringBreak – Day 2 🍋 – RicoRico


Today wasn’t that adventurous but still, I tried to make the best of it.✨✨

Little spa day, ordered some delicious pizza and called my friends to plan the day. We agreed to go to Ime’s house because of the pool, hang out and left to eat the yummy dish on the pic above, it’s made of mango , peanuts , chili and chips, it was amazing. My mom and sisters called and we couldn’t resist so we went shopping, I bought a bikini and some flash tattoos that you’ll be seeing very soon, I’m still hunting/shopping because I need some new sunglasses.

It was very quiet and chilly but still a great day.👈👈😌



No fue un día extraordinario, pero intente sacar lo mejor✨✨

Pequeño día de spa, ordené una pizza y llamé a mis amigas para planear el día de hoy.Acordamos en ir a casa de Ime por la alberca, pasamos un rato ahi y nos fuimos a comer el delicioso platillo de la foto de arriba, esta hecho de mango, cacahuate, papitas y chile, estaba increíble, se me hace agua la boca. Mi mamá y hermanas llamaron y no pudimos resistir asi que nos fuimos de shopping. Me compré un bikini y flash tattoos que estarán viendo muy pronto. Aun sigo cazando porque estoy en busca de unos lentes de sol lindos.

Fue un día muy tranquilo pero aun asi, un buen día👈👈😌