Sayulita Life – Meet me in Paradise

A lookbook… my trip to Sayulita 2015

To love beauty, is to see light.

We live in such busy lives, we forget to free our hearts from worries and to focus on the joys rather than the problems.

That feeling I get when I travel… that non-stop feeling of adrenaline and happiness is the way I should feel my entire life.

Kisses – IZ

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Mazamitla Waterfall. Part 2

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of men. 


This validates Mazamitla as a “Magic Town” because of its beauty


“La Cascada”


Women with beautiful ethnic work


Local church


Mazamitla’s market

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Mazamitla ~ Part 1 . Nature Shopping

 Plant shopping and just walking…


All day, we were walking around these little streets that made you feel so calm … the perfect weather , a little bit chilly with just a little bit of rain .

The local plant shops were beautiful.

    IMG_4936 IMG_4939


  I could finally get “succulents” , the little plants that I had been looking for ,for ages.

Tic toc🙈🕟🕔🕐

Sorry that I haven’t updated my challenge , but I had some inconvenients and I wanted to post with sequence … Soon I will post all the missing pics, pinky promise.

Here are some pics otw

Outfit to my sister’s birthday lunch


Most delicious bread, I swear.




Catalina is back from boarding school.


Quote of the day: 

I’m not afraid of tomorrow because I know God is already there.🙏✨