#SpringBreak – Day 5 & 6 – Sealed with awesomeness


Next day…

  The last days of my spring break . Sealed with awesomeness…..

Day 5 .

We got together with some friends to attend to R3HAB(concert) and all i can say is that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have a deep obsession with Tomorrowland and it’s vibes of everyone being happy and it felt a little bit like so. Accompanied by friends it was even better, and we were SO close to not attending, because nobody wanted to come with us and because we didn’t know how the event would turn out, some people said it would suck, others that it would rock , but we took the risk and found a way and we regret NOTHING.

We would , if we had stayed home like the rest of our friends haha…After the concert we prepared Sashimi for dinner and watched all the videos we recorded , and I have a final video I’ll be posting soon.

Day 6

The next day, I went to church with my family, and went to the local market , where we bought food for the delicious BBQ we cooked after, and some cheesecake of course. #yummers

Día 5

Nos juntamos con unos amigos para ir a R3HAB , y lo único que puedo decir es que fue uno de los mejores días de mi vida.Para empezar, tengo una obsesión con Tomorrowland y sus vibras, que siempre todo mundo tiene una sonrisa y son SUPER felices, y sentí un poco de ese sentimiento. Y con mis amigos, ni hablar. Lo chistoso es que estuvimos a cero de no ir porque Val y yo no encontrabamos quien nos acompañara, y porque no sabiamos si estaria padre el evento , unos decían que estaría super aburridp. otros divertido, total, nos arriesgamos y resultó DE LO MEJOR y no nos arrepentimos de nada.

Nos hubieramos arrepentido si nos hubieramos quedado en casa como el resto de nuestras amigas haha….Terminando el concierto nos fuimos al depa de Val ,preparamos Sashimi y vimos todos los videos, Tengo un video que voy a postear pronto

Día 6

Al día siguiente, fui a misa con mi familia y fuimos al mercado local para comprar ingredientes de nuestra Carne Asada que quedó deliciosa y obvio un rico cheesecake #yummers.

Quote of the day

Great things never came from comfort zones


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