#SpringBreak – Day 4 – Sunset Chilling🌅✌️

Day 4 ✌️




Day 4. I  l o v e d  this day,so much I tried to capture every moment.

In the morning me , my sisters and her friends grabbed some breakfast to get energy for the day, (where I saw that adorable old couple) Then I headed to Pato Blanco where Jim was waiting for me .. We tried to get a tan, and I say tried because it was hot like hell!!🔥 It felt like we were melting. After that we got together with Val, she picked us up … And of course we were jeeping like in a teenage music video,loud music and us sitting in the backside of the jeep singing and dancing. We drove and stablished at Cerritos Beach , chilled with the beautiful sunset , took some pics, recorded some videos to remember the moment . Finally, we went to Val’s house, ordered some pizza and chat, about everything, with an amazing view. GREAT DAY.☺️❤️ One of my favorites.



Día 4.

En la mañana mis hermanas, sus amigas y yo fuimos a disfrutar un desayuno, y agarrar energía para todo el día( ahí vi a esa pareja de viejitos adorable) Después me fui directo a Pato Blanco donde me estaba esperando Jim. Intentamos broncearnos … Y digo intentamos porque el sol estaba cañon, nos moríamos de calor y sentíamos que nos estabamos derritiendo. Luego, nos juntamos con Val, pasó por nosotras y claaaro que jeepeamos, como si estuvieramos grabando un video, teníamos la música a todo volumen y sentados en la parte trasera ibamos bailando y cantando. Llegamos a la playa Cerritos pasamos el rato, tomamos fotos y videos para recordar el momento y disfrutamos el atardecer que se veía hermoso. Finalmente nos fuimos a casa de Val , pedimos pizza y platicamos todos con una vista espectacular. BUEN DÍA☺️❤️ uno de mis favoritos.


Quote of the day

To live will be an awfully big adventure – Peter Pan


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