#SpringBreak – Day 3 – 🐚🐠





The 3rd day was a lot of fun, first I got to try my new flash tattoos , I really liked them, after that Mar and I picked Lucy up and drove to Pato Blanco beach, we took some pics and chilled , then we got a little bit hungry so we went to the hotel and ordered some yummy food, got a nice tan and a friend called inviting us over to his house. I had an awesome time, too bad i didn’t took any pics there, we were chilling in the pool, playing some beer pong , music, sunset & friends. What vacations are for👌🌅💞.



El día 3 estuvo muy divertido. Empezé el día estrenando mis flash tattoos, me gustaron mucho, terminando Mar y yo pasamos por Lucy y fuimos a la playa Pato Blanco , tomamos unas cuantas fotos y nos relajamos. Despues nos dío un poco de hambre y decidimos cruzarnos al hotel donde pedimos cosas yummy, nos bronceamos… Y un amigo nos llamo invitandonos a su casa. Ahí me la pase super bien porque estabamos super felices y relajados , ojala hubiera tomado fotos. Todos en la alberca, con beerpong, el atardecer, la música & amigos. La razón de tener vacaciones👌🌅💓.



Quote of the day

Life moves so fast. You gotta document the good times, man.


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